Speech Therapy in Goldsboro, North Carolina

Speech therapy can help people of all ages with a wide range of communication disorders and is provided by qualified professionals called speech-language pathologists, or SLPs. They can also treat stuttering and other fluency disorders, and help people with swallowing problems like dysphagia and memory and cognition issues, including aphasia that occurs after a stroke. Coastal Speech Therapy is Goldsboro’s choice speech therapy specialist, providing caring, compassionate speech therapy services to people of all ages.

Conditions Treatable With Speech Therapy

Speech therapy treats a wide variety of conditions and diagnoses. Some common ones are articulation disorders, fluency disorders like stuttering, resonance or voice disorders, and swallowing disorders.

Articulation disorders involve misplacing sounds in syllables or swapping certain sounds for others. Children and adults with articulation disorders may have a lisp or repeat parts of words or phrases. Fluency disorders can include stuttering, which involves unusual or frequent silent pauses, or cluttering, in which a person repeats sounds and syllables or merges words together.

Swallowing disorders involve trouble transporting food into the lungs, and they often occur with nerve system diseases like dementia, multiple sclerosis, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or conditions that affect the muscles of the throat and tongue. They may also result from an injury or surgery. Speech therapists in Goldsboro are able to assist children and adults manage their symptoms and lead a better life.

What Is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy helps children and adults overcome a wide range of communication challenges. This includes children and adults with speech delays, those who struggle with specific sounds or words, and those whose cognitive communication abilities are impaired due to brain trauma or birth defects.

Speech-language pathologists use a variety of therapeutic activities, including articulation therapy, language intervention exercises, and other methods. This approach can help kids and adults develop the skills they need to meet their individualized goals.

Differences Between Speech Therapy for Kids and Adults

Speech therapy in Goldsboro may look different for children and adults, but both benefit from the structure of personalized speech therapy treatment. A child may start speech therapy when their pediatrician, parents, or teachers notice a delay in their communication skills. Kids with speech-sound disorders, stuttering, and reading challenges can all benefit from this treatment. A Goldsboro speech therapist will use fun games and activities that the child enjoys to help them reach their goals. They may also provide prompting and cueing at the beginning, but will work to reduce the amount of support they give a child over time.

Benefits of Speech Therapy for Children and Adults

Speech therapy has a variety of benefits for both children and adults, as they’re able to take control of their lives and reach their goals while building confidence. Children benefit from improved speech, communication, and comprehension skills. They develop self-regulation and learn how to express emotions appropriately, as well as understand nonverbal body language.

For kids with articulation disorders, like stuttering, or fluency issues, such as a cleft palate, a speech therapist will help them develop a better understanding of their disorder and how to manage it. They will build a sense of confidence, which helps them in school and social situations with peers.

Speech therapy in Goldsboro benefits adults in similar ways. Aside from improving your voice and articulation, it can help with reading and writing, language processing, and even eating and drinking. It can also improve the quality of your life and help them connect with people on a deeper level. It’s never too late to get help from a speech therapist—no matter the age.

Why Choose Coastal Speech Therapy in Goldsboro, North Carolina

Coastal Speech Therapy provides thoughtful and thorough evaluations for children, teens, and adults with speech, swallowing, and language disorders. The speech therapists at Coastal Speech Therapy also provide specialized articulation and stuttering therapies depending on the individual needs of the patient.

At Coastal Speech Therapy in Goldsboro, we use a clinical model that provides intensive, frequent intervention for a specific set of goals and then gradually reduces direct services while increasing indirect services. This allows our patients to develop the confidence they need to take the skills they’ve learned in speech therapy outside, incorporating them into their daily lives.

If you or your child are struggling with speech or language disorders, it may be time to find help with trusted and compassionate speech therapists in the Goldsboro area. Coastal Speech Therapy are here to help with proven success through personalized treatment plans meant to help our patients succeed in their lives. When you’re ready to take the next step in speech therapy services, contact us today to schedule your appointment.